“Loryn Spangler-Jones has talent that radiates in all directions. She is a kind, attentive teacher who finds creative ways to reach her students and foster a learning environment that encourages deep attention, joy, and imaginative expression. She is a visionary at pulling community together around projects that extend the arts in unique and powerful ways. She is driven and focused as an independent working artist, but equally concerned about the other creatives in her midst, offering mentorship and opportunity to a host of emerging artists who can credit her for jumpstarting their success. She is one of the beating hearts of Lancaster, and we’d be in a sad place without her. “

-Marci Nelligen, Residency Director SCPAartners




Whether it’s Private Classes or Events, Open Studios or Team Building Workshops, Loryn Spangler-Jones offers a variety of structured curriculums to meet client specific needs. With over 25 years of professional experience, Spangler-Jones is the leading independent Art Educator in downtown Lancaster, PA.

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