To love beyond the boundaries of gender…..

I told myself I was never going to write about homosexuality and the Bible. Quite frankly I think it is tired and old. Its been done over and over again. From the perspective of everyone under the sun. I thought to myself what could I possibly have to say that hasn’t already been said by a million other people? Why are people gonna listen to me when they haven’t listened to others? Then, as I do, I broke shit down LSJ style and realized FUCK IT…..I DO have something to say and i DON’T care if others have said it.

Here is the thing, I have read the Bible, sections of it over and over again. I am NOT a scholar nor care to be one but have a pretty good idea of the incredible contradictory nature of the Bible in general. First and foremost it is a book, FACT, written by some MAN’s (or several men’s), FACT, interpretation, FACT, of God’s word, ASSUMPTION, centuries ago, FACT, written at a time when woman were considered second class citizens, FACT. It is terrifying how many people base the foundation of their existence, politics and personal bigotries on such.

It is these same people who will then wield their Bible as a weapon. A weapon fueled with hate, discrimination and fear. How many people have died, either at the hands of some right winged fundamental extremist or at their own hands, always to be covered up with God’s holy word? How many doctors have had their lives threatened if not taken because they are on the front lines everyday providing women with a choice? That’s it, just a choice. How many women continue to be oppressed because some man has decided we are to be seen and not heard? And how many people continue to fight for basic human rights, rights so many take for granted, because they fall in love with someone of the same sex? All of this, driven by fear, hate and MAN’s interpretation of a book.

Add to this, the concept, a human interpreted concept mind you, of places we call heaven and hell. Again both driven by fear. The fear of some eternal existence of fire and damnation. If we don’t live a certain way, follow certain human created rules (conveniently blamed on God) we will end up burning eternally, which in all honesty does not sound that bad to me…then again I have always liked playing with fire. So we spend our entire childhood being taught fear in the form of eternal punishment by some horned creature with a pointy tail holding a pitchfork…if we don’t follow some unknown man’s interpretation of centuries old literature. Really?? How do people really believe thus stuff?? I get, as children how easy it is to wrap our heads around such monsters but as grown adults, it scares me more then anything to think people believe in this. And then they are making choices throughout their entire lives based off the fear of this monstrous creature we all learned about as children.

Now, I could go on to quote all sorts of scripture in support of my personal thoughts on this matter. But, then that wouldn’t make me any better then the Bible wielding, fear driven majority of Christians. And that’s the point. So, instead I will offer a different sort of challenge. What if for one day we all pretended there was no heaven and hell (props to John Lennon), no big MAN in the sky looking down on us with judgement and condemnation, waiting to make that fatal decision where our souls end up based on how well we followed certain rues? What if for one day we could see each other for just the mere human beings we are: all of us unique, individuals with different likes and dislikes, without harsh judgement and self righteous attitudes that say you are right and we are wrong for loving beyond gender? In fact, I think it is a gift to love without the boundaries of gender. It is one of the purest forms of love that goes way beyond the physical plane. So, instead of being afraid of that kind of love and have that fear be a driving force in your life, just look at me like a human being for one day, beautiful, creative, and imperfect just like the rest of you, no better, no worse.
We have this one life.
Personally I would rather love….
…..without boundaries.

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